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We aim to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable and user-friendly software solutions without compromising on innovation and state-of-the-art technology.

What we offer:

Nero develops software applications and platforms that enable users to smartly edit, organize, backup, convert, or share their photos, videos, and music.


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Company Profile
Nero creates software applications and platforms that help consumers simply enjoy their photos, videos and music. Its Nero MediaHome platform enables consumers to access, enhance and share their digital content across PCs, smart phones, tablets and online social networks. Nero also produces a top-selling multimedia software suite, which contains powerful applications for media management, video editing, video converting, file back-up, content syncing and disc burning.
Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Nero maintains regional offices in Karlsruhe, Germany; Glendale, Calif., USA and Hangzhou, China.

Nero Quality Statement
Nero aims to provide high quality software solutions with reliability and ease of use, without compromising on innovation and cutting-edge technology. Nero products are developed with the following goals in mind:

  • Provide both novice and power-users the ability to interact with our software in an intuitive and efficient manner.
  • Offer products and services which allows you to enjoy your music, photos, and videos, anytime, anywhere!
  • Meet and exceed your expectations for software performance and quality.
  • Provide freedom to create, play, and distribute your content regardless of hardware or file format, by taking a standards-based approach to solution development.


  • Formation of Ahead Software GmbH


  • Launch: Nero Burning ROM 1.0 | 2.0 | 3.0


  • Nero Burning ROM 4.0


  • Nero Burning ROM 5.0
  • Feurio!


  • Formation into stock corporation Ahead Software AG
  • Formation Nero Inc. (Glendale, USA)


  • Launch: SIPPS – VoIP by Nero
  • Launch: Nero 6 (first multimedia suite)
  • Nero surpasses 100M users
  • Launch: Nero Digital format


  • Formation Nero K.K. (Yokohama, Japan)
  • Launch: Nero PhotoShow


  • Changed name into Nero AG
  • More than 200 highly qualified, international employees
  • Launch: Nero 7 | Nero Linux
  • More than 200M users


  • Beta Launch: My Nero Community
  • Launch: Nero Mobile


  • Formation of Nero Ltd. (HangZhou, China)
  • Launch: My Nero Community
  • Launch: SecurDisc technology
  • Launch: Nero 8 | Photo Show 5 | Nero Linux 3
  • Nero announced partnership with TiVo


  • More than 400 highly qualified, international employees
  • More than 300M copies of software distributed
  • Launch: Nero 9 | Nero Move it | Nero LiquidTV (Americas)


  • Nero Move it Update – NVIDIA CUDA Support
  • More than 500 highly qualified, international employees
  • Formation of Nero Development and Services GmbH and Nero EMEA Sales GmbH (Germany)
  • Launch: Nero BackItUp & Burn | Nero Linux 4


  • Launch: Nero Multimedia Suite 10 | Nero Vision Xtra
  • Launch: Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD | Nero Video Premium HD | Nero BurnExpress


  • Launch: Nero Kwik Media
  • Launch: Nero 11 Platinum, Nero 11, Nero Video 11, Nero Burning ROM 11, Nero BackItUp 11


  • Launch: Nero Kwik Media Unlimited, Nero Kwik Media Unlimited + Blu-ray
  • Launch: Nero 12 Platinum, Nero 12, Nero Burning ROM 12, Nero Video 12, Nero BackItUp 12, Nero Recode 12
  • Launch: NeroKwik for Android


  • Launch: Nero 2014 Platinum, Nero 2014, Nero Burning ROM 2014, Nero Video 2014, Nero BackItUp 2014, Nero Recode 2014


  • Launch: Nero 2015 Platinum, Nero 2015 Classic, Nero Burning ROM 2015, Nero Video 2015, Nero MediaHome 2015
  • Launch: Nero AirBurn Mobile App


  • Launch: Nero 2016 Platinum, Nero 2016 Classic, Nero Burning ROM 2016, Nero Video 2016, Nero Recode 2016, Nero MediaHome 2016
  • Launch: Nero TuneItUp
  • Launch: Nero Streaming Player Mobile App


  • Launch: Nero 2017 Platinum, Nero 2017 Classic, Nero Burning ROM 2017, Nero Video 2017, Nero Recode 2017, Nero MediaHome 2017
  • Launch: Nero KnowHow App
  • Launch: SecurDisc 4.0 technoloy


  • Launch: Nero Platinum 2018, Nero Standard 2018, Nero Burning ROM 2018, Nero Video 2018, Nero Recode 2018, Nero MediaHome 2018
  • Launch: Nero Duplicate Manager
  • Launch: Nero Streaming Player App, Nero Air Burn App, Nero KnowHow App, Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync App, TuneItUp Cleaner & Booster App, Nero BackItUp App

Nero leads the way in digital lifestyle technology
With award-winning digital multimedia solutions that lead the industry in sales and technology, Nero continues to develop products that make living a digital life easy and fun. Over 240 million Nero users worldwide enjoy products and applications that integrate key technologies designed to improve the digital life.

The final word in optical disc security
Safeguard data with SecurDisc - Nero developed SecurDisc technology to bring you ultimate data protection.
SecurDisc is the comprehensive, state-of-the-art protection solution for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, offering multiple levels of protection for data, music, photo and video files. Nero products utilize SecurDisc 3.0 technology for optical disc protection to ensure disc data readability regardless of scratches, age or deterioration, advanced password and encryption protection against unauthorized access, digital signature feature to protect against content manipulation and an early disc deterioration detection feature to alert you to back up your data.

Manage your music collection - With Nero and Gracenote®
Nero has teamed up with Gracenote to bring you leading audio entertainment technology for organizing your music collection. Get the most accurate, up-to-date artist, track, title and album information for more than 80 million songs on more than 60 million CDs when you rip, burn and play back your music. Nero products have integrated Gracenote music recognition technology so you can efficiently organize and enhance your music library with just a few clicks.

Create dynamic next-generation content
Next-generation technology from Nero and Blu-ray Disc gives today's multimedia enthusiast the very best in cutting-edge tools. By incorporating Blu-ray Disc data and authoring support into Nero products, you'll get the most from your Blu-ray Disc players and burners when you author, edit, and burn High Definition content in Blu-ray format.

Burn labels directly onto discs
Customize CDs and DVDs with Nero and Labelflash™
Integrated with Labelflash™, Nero products give you the tools to add the final creative touches to your CDs and DVDs. Without using printed paper labels, Labelflash™ utilizes state-of-the-art dye layer technology to quickly and directly burn labels onto discs with your own custom designs, logos, graphics and text for truly professional-looking discs.

Burn labels directly onto discs
Professional Laser-Etched CDs and DVDs with LightScribe
Lightscribe uses special label-making software to etch labels directly onto CDs and DVDs with laser technology. Because labels are not printed on paper, there's no smudging, peeling or waste. Nero has integrated Lightscribe into their products to give you professional-looking discs directly from your burner.

Software piracy comes in many forms, but is broadly defined as the illegal duplication, use, sale, or distribution of copyrighted software. Nero software comes subject to a license agreement that specifically states the terms and conditions under which the software may be used, transferred, or distributed legally. Duplicating Nero software without a license to do so is not permitted. Piracy, including violation of the license agreement, is copyright infringement and may be punished under both civil and criminal law in the United States and internationally

Common Types of Software Piracy

Counterfeiting: Counterfeiting is what many people think of when they think of software piracy. Counterfeiting is the duplication and sale of software with the intent to pass off the illegal copy as a legitimate copy produced by the software company. Much of the software offered for sale at deep discounts on online auctions is counterfeit software. In their efforts to fool the buying public into believing that the product is authentic, counterfeiters often reproduce the graphics and packaging of the actual software. Because the company owns the rights to those graphics, this reproduction is independent and additional infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights of the company.
Unbundling: Some of Nero programs are distributed as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) software. These are only legally distributed when “bundled” with specified hardware. Unbundling occurs when the OEM disk is not sold with the bundled hardware. Unbundling violates the software license and constitutes copyright infringement. Nero clearly marks its OEM software “Licensed for use with the sale of a CD/DVD recorder only.”
Duplicating: It is copyright infringement to duplicate and distribute any of Nero’s software, including OEM software, even if there is no attempt to pass off the software as a legitimate disk made by Nero. End users are not authorized by Nero to copy the software for anyone else—be it a friend, relative, coworker, or internet acquaintance.
Key-genning: Software downloaded from Nero website——is activated by inputting a unique serial number Nero gives to its customer. A key-gen or key generator is an application that creates fake, yet still valid, serial numbers.
Activating software using a key-gen number is unlawful. Nero blacklists key-gen numbers and people using blacklisted numbers are not entitled to upgrades or product support.
Reselling: Nero software may be transferred by end users only under very limited circumstances set forth in the license agreement. Retail versions may only be transferred with all of the original packaging. The end user may not retain a copy. The end user must delete the program from the end user’s computer and destroy any back-up copies. Downloaded serial numbers may not be transferred. Demo, trial, and promotional versions of Nero software may not be transferred or redistributed. These versions are clearly marked “ NOT FOR RESALE ” on the face of the disk. In addition, trial versions of the software are only operable for a limited time. Demo, trial, and promotional versions do not entitle users to product upgrades or product support.

To report suspected piracy, e-mail All reports are kept confidential.
Nero works with ebrand® on enforcing their brand rights.

Nero AG
Rüppurrer Strasse 1a
76137 Karlsruhe

Nero Ltd.
11th floor
Lander Building
535 Wensan Road
310007 HangZhou China

Nero Inc.
500 N. Central Ave Suite 600
Glendale, CA 91203


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